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Rapala Electric Fillet Knife

ProGuide Deluxe Set or Rechargeable Cordless Model

Posted by Ken

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Rapala Electric Fillet Knife Fire up the barbie and let's grill us some bass! Right after we clean those suckers up, of course.

Luckily we've got this electric fillet knife set from Rapala. It will surely do the trick. What with its interchangeable 6 and 7.5 inch stainless steel blades.

And don't forget its versatile go-anywhere power supply that can be used in a 12V lighter plug, a standard 110V AC socket, or a 12V battery via the included clips.

The set includes a cutting board and storage case for easy toting.

If you fancy a cordless model instead, you'll find that in our link below as well.

Let us know how the meal works out.

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