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Remington Skinner Knife w/ Gut Hook, Drop Point

Full Tang Tectonic Sportsman CTi

Posted by JT Hats

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Remington Skinner Knife w/ Gut Hook,Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Remington went a little ways past the good idea that inspired the Sportsman Series Tectonic CTi. To make a full-sized skinner blade with the lightest materials possible is a reasonable project, but there's a lot about this knife that just seems unnecessary. If you're innovative in your own thinking you may like it anyway.

Some good points about the Tectonic include the titanium coating over the 420HC high carbon stainless steel blade. Modern stainless steel will discolor and corrode slightly under the worst possible conditions, though it isn't usually a major problem. The titanium coating prevents that, so long as you don't sharpen the coating away. The grade of steel used here will require frequent sharpening during heavy use.

The carbon fiber handle slabs on this full tang skinner are the strongest and lightest material available today, and the large hole through the blade does reduce weight even further. Remington says the hole serves as a trigger-style finger hold for finer control. The hole also considerably weakens the gut hook blade itself, making the 6-3/4-inch-long fixed blade a true lightweight which should be reserved for light work. Never having used a skinning knife with a finger hole guide, I wonder about the reasoning behind reducing a good general purpose knife to something so specialized. It's not a feature I would miss and could be the mark of a short-lived but collectible idea.

The Tectonic comes with a paddle-shaped ABS plastic belt sheath.

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