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Replica Crusader Sword, King Solomon Star of David

Medieval Longsword w/ Display Plaque

Posted by JT Hats

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Replica Crusader Sword, King SolomonThis ornate two-handed longsword represents the sword of King Solomon. The Medieval Crusader Knight's sword is constructed in the style of weapons that a medieval knight might have used during the Crusades. The 440 high carbon stainless steel blade shows intricate laser-cut etchings and a false edge in a quality of workmanship suitable for display.

The rat tail tang construction of the handle allows use of black spacers alternating with engraved gold plated cast metal. Designs include symbols from Jewish traditions. The disc of the sword's pommel and the cross guard show the Star of David, while the cross bar itself is embellished with the seven candles of the Menorah. The quillion's ends portray the gryphon, a mythical creature with the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and a man's head. The griffon's human aspect wears a kippah head covering and a braided beard, again signifying that old Middle Eastern tradition.

The intricate designs on the blade itself represent the interwoven influences of both Jewish and Muslim cultures, the two systems which dominated King Solomon's Israel. Inspired by the story of King Solomon, who discovered the true parent of a child by proposing to divide the child between two women with his sword, this is a well-made replica longsword filled with historical symbolism. The blade does not include a sheath and is intended to be mounted on the polished hardwood wall plaque which accompanies the sword. Overall length of this heavy crusader style weapon is 46-1/2 inches with a 36-inch blade.

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