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Resident Evil Double Kukri Alice Sword

Fantasy Twin Blades Zombie Movie Replica w/ Sheath & Belt by Trademark

Posted by JT Hats

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Resident Evil Double Kukri Alice Sword The Resident Evil Double Kukri Set from Trademark does resemble the backup weapons of Alice, the amnesiac bio-weapon who battles the infected zombie hordes and the mysterious Umbrella Corporation in the many Resident Evil video games and movies. Milla Jovovich's martial skills made the knives famous as she slashed her way through zombie hordes as the gore-spattered heroine of the Resident Evil films.

Two black-handled high carbon stainless steel kukris, each one 20-1/2 inches long overall, ride in separate brown leather sheaths on a harness meant to be worn as a waist belt. The grips of the knives enclose the tangs of the kukris completely and are held in place by stainless steel butt caps. Meant to be slashing weapons primarily, these kukri blades have very little blade guard -- only a notched section on the base of the blade prevents a hand from slipping forward.

Blades of only 1/8-inch thickness are a little light for zombie hunting but are fast moving. The feeling, though, is that the pair are display quality and you'd be better off with the shotgun if faced with a real zombie horde. Drawing these 14-inch long blades from a harness placed low on the back is a trick few will master -- the kukris would deploy much better with an over-the-shoulder design.

Fans of the story will still be pleased by the accurate appearance of the knives themselves. Hopefully, we'll see them in action again soon since the fifth movie in the series is due for release in early 2011.

For real zombie hunting technology, try the Twin Broadswords from Lung Chuan in China.

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