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Rosewood Straight Razor Blade by Bear & Son

Slip Joint Pocket Knife Shaver 4 1/8 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Rosewood Straight Razor Blade by Bear &The Bear & Son Rosewood Razor gives knife lovers a new shaving option -- a straight razor with a truly American look. If you enjoy the versatility of the professional straight razor and the solid construction of American folding knives, you'll like this classic slip joint build.

This is a straight razor you could actually carry in your pocket, since it's built in the same style as a slip joint pocket knife, and with much the same look. Genuine South American rosewood handle slabs and nickel silver bolsters resist moisture and corrosion and hold up well to the extreme tropical climate of the typical morning bathroom. The hollow ground straight razor blade includes a finger choil for better control of the three-inch-long hollow ground cutting edge.

Opening the slip joint razor knife is a two-handed operation. Like any simple pocket knife, the blade holds in place with the pressure of a springbar spline in the handle. The spline keeps the blade in either closed or open position and releases under slight pressure.

Like nearly everything Bear & Son makes, there's a little more to this high carbon stainless steel razor than you'd expect. Bear & Son products tend to be a little heavier than other brands. The company's focus is on quality, cutting costs by making all parts onsite instead of skimping on materials.

To guarantee a razor edge without sharpening skills, try the DOVO Shavette -- a straight razor with disposable blades.

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