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Russ Kommer Alaskan Canoe Hatchet

Stainless Steel Camping Ax by Timberline

Posted by Ken

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Russ Kommer Alaskan Canoe Hatchet One of the nice things about canoe camping is that you can take more than you could comfortably carry. Instead of a little packer's stove, you can take a two burner camp stove; instead of a lightweight trail tomahawk, you can take a Russ Kommer hatchet with a 4 7/8" cutting edge. At twice the weight of a trail ax, Kommer's canoe hatchet is more tool than you'd like to bring along, if you had to hang it from your belt. As part of the gear you stow in your boat, it's perfect. The steel full tang construction and durable Zytel grip combine reliability and warmth for best performance in cold conditions.

Russ Kommer, a professional hunting guide and knife maker, created in this ax a transition tool for the niche between camping and wilderness living. If you camp, you find ways to get by; if you're staying awhile, you need tools that do more. In the realm of hand tools that means more steel, more size, and more weight. You wouldn't want to build a log cabin with this one hander, but you could knock out a survival shelter faster with this hatchet than you could with either tomahawk or knife.

A black leather belt sheath comes with the ax, for easy access around camp. The sheath is equally important when stowing this versatile tool in your gear, preventing any unfortunate holes in your other essential equipment.

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