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Ryumon Shirasaya Katana

Hand Forged Full Tang | Japanese Samurai Sword

Posted by Ken

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Ryumon Redwood Shirasaya Sword HandRyumon's dark redwood katana is another beautiful reason why Ryumon should be a contender on everyone's shopping list. This is a high-quality sword, and it's available at an affordable price too (if you know where to look).

The blade is full-tang and has been sharpened by hand. It's made from high carbon steel and has a nicely visible hamon line as well as a thick blood groove, which spans almost the entire length of the blade.

This Shirasaya set, however, doesn't exactly live up to its English translation of "white scabbard." But the dark redwood scabbard and handle more than make up for this small technicality. The wood is glossed and lacquered, and at the top of the koiguchi (scabbard opening) you'll find an authentic buffalo horn, polished to blend in quite nicely with the redwood motif.

The katana also comes with a decorative box, cleaning kit, sword bag, and a really informative "how-to" guide for taking care of your new sword.

You could display it if you wanted to, but since it's battle ready and doesn't display a whole lot of decorative flair, this redwood katana would be best used as a functional sword. And with everything we've seen thus far from Ryumon, it should function quite well!

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