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Sabatier Precision Knife Block & Kitchen Tool Set

Stainless Steel 38 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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Sabatier Precision Knife Block &This 38 piece Knife Block set plus an assortment of kitchen tools won't match the quality of Wusthof, Victorinox or Henckels. Actually it won't match the usual offerings from Sabatier, the company which contracted the Chinese production of this full-scale kitchen tool assortment.

Handles of measuring cups and spoons are held on with fragile spot welds, something that never works out well for me. Stainless steel is only a benefit for this large an assortment of daily use items if it's a dishwasher safe steel. This set isn't -- you'll be washing everything here by hand. Plastic utensils work well enough, though any Teflon spatulas are not long lasting and could shed bits of nonstick plastic in the food.

The knife assortment forms the heart of this set, and whether you need this many inexpensive knives should be a question you ask yourself before purchase. Starting out with a few cheap bargains can make sense, but they usually soon get replaced with better things. With care the knives should last, but the edges will need regular sharpening. The original bevel is an interesting choice somewhere between almost correct for heavy chopping and not quite right for efficient slicing. Perfectionists would need to do some more work on the blades before use.

Bargains are nearly always a gamble. If you don't overstress your tools and are willing to pick up a few unfinished tasks yourself -- taking a sharp edge off a measuring cup or tightening up a knife handle rivet here and there -- you may appreciate the full range of useful tools this set provides. If you push things to the limit, consider fewer knives but better quality. Three good knives would outdo the full range offered here.

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