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Silver Ninja Tonfa Set

Stainless Steel Martial Arts Sword Review

Posted by Ken

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Silver Ninja Tonfa Set We'd better prequel this next review with a warning: Kids, don't try this at home! While the traditional Okinawan tonfa is highly sought after in martial arts as an elite weapon of choice, this particular set is meant for those who know their way around the mat. Professionals and elite artists would love to have a pair of these in their collection.

Why so? Because they're battle-ready, fully forged and extremely sharp. Meant for intense training, these tonfa are made from one solid piece of metal (full tang construction) and will withstand repeated wear and tear.

Two sets of sharpened blades appear at the top and bottom of the tonfa set, and are made from quality stainless steel. The longer blades at the top measure 14.5 inches. The set also comes with two separate sheaths to keep the blades safe and sharp when not in use.

The handle portions allow for a variety of wielding styles. Traditionally, you'd want to hold the tonfa via the smaller protruding handle. However, the shaft of the weapon is wrapped in a non-slip grip to allow you to hold it as a pole weapon or a brace.

This isn't a practice set by any means. But it will give an aspiring martial artist another goal to strive towards.

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