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Smith and Wesson CKSUR7 Search and Rescue Kukri

Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife

Posted by Ken

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Smith and Wesson CKSUR7 Search andSmith and Wesson often comes out with knives that are just on the outer envelope of sensible. This Search and Rescue Kukri is in that same class, just on the practical side of the fantasy weapon genre.

Everything about this knife looks solid, if not refined--some sharp edges on the hilt could have been polished down, but weren't, and the blade is very light and straight for a kukri--but never mind that; I'm just not quite sure why someone would choose a 10.5" kukri as a search and rescue knife. For style points, I suppose.

If I do have a criticism of Smith and Wesson knives it would be that they do this quite often--pay a little more attention to style than to purpose. That makes me skeptical, and although I would buy one over the internet if I liked it enough, I would also want to go to a store and actually check one out first. If it felt solid I'd be interested. If the blade rattled in the handle I'd look for something else.

I noticed while I was writing this that people who buy this knife also buy Halo 3, the video game. That makes sense to me, because it's a practical knife that would not look out of place in the cyber world.

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