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Smith & Wesson Tactical Ballpoint Pen, Black Ink

Blue Aluminum Pocket Clip

Posted by JT Hats

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Smith & Wesson Tactical Ballpoint Pen,If you're just not comfortable without some sort of self-defense device on hand and knives no longer fit your lifestyle, there is another choice -- the tactical pen. Inspired by ancient fist load weapons popular with Asian martial artists and Japanese ninjas, the modern tactical pen fits discreetly in the shirt pocket and even writes. The Smith & Wesson Blue Tactical Pen accepts standard Park and Hauser ink cartridge refills and should last indefinitely.

From the writer's point of view, this 5.7-inch-long blue pen may be a little heavy. At 1.4 ounces, the pen could quickly become awkward if work involves constant longhand. Otherwise, it's really a nice pen with a nearly indestructible body of T6061 aircraft aluminum and a stainless steel pocket clip that would be at home on any pocket clip folding knife. The black ink ballpoint pen should outlast any writing instrument you've owned before.

For self defense it's brutally efficient, with a sharp point and deeply fluted surface that's reminiscent of some military bayonets. Weapons derived from ordinary objects have always been popular in secret agent movies -- but items like this one, tweaked for a higher level of efficiency, also found their way into the arsenals of genuine ninja warriors. The right move with a simple hardwood fistload could even penetrate a samurai's heavy armor. This tactical pen is better.

A little larger than the average writing instrument and easier to grip than the usual ball point, this machined metal pen includes a removable cap which protects ink and point when not in use. The only obvious clue to its hidden nature is the Smith & Wesson logo on the black pocket clip.

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