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SOG Access Card 2.0 w/ Locking Blade, Pocket Clip

Tactical Black Folding Knife SOGAC77

Posted by JT Hats

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SOG Access Card 2.0 w/ Locking Blade,Credit card knives usually don't include much steel or much functionality, but the SOG Access Card 2.0 Knife is very impressive for a low profile cutter. Only 3/16 inches thick without the pocket clip, this tactical black folder opens and closes with one hand and even provides a solid blade lock.

Something this small and this light -- only 1.8 ounces -- won't be bulletproof. Using the Access Card for much more than straightforward slicing action might quickly bring on mechanical problems, since the knife is built around two layers of thin high carbon stainless steel. Twisting or levering with this knife could mean the end of it. Use the knife within its limits, and you'll appreciate the VG-10 stainless steel blade. This top-quality Japanese knife steel takes a harder temper than lesser alloys, bringing a long lasting Rockwell 59-60 cutting edge to the money-clip sized package. Three finger choils on the handle frame and jimping on the spine of the blade give users a solid grip and good thumb leverage. The Access Card isn't heavy duty, but it's practical.

This tiny knife includes SOG's Arc-lock in a scaled-down size. That's the same rugged bar-lock concept used in SOG's larger folders. The Arc-lock lever shifts with only fingertip pressure but securely locks the blade either open or closed, with more strength under load than an equivalent liner-lock mechanism. Just over 6 inches long when locked open, the SOG Access Card packs 2-3/4 inches of hollow ground cutting edge. Even though it's small enough to clip to the watch pocket of your jeans, there's enough knife here to do some serious work.

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