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SOG Bowie Knife for Hunting & Skinning

Black Titanium Kraton Creed CD02-L

Posted by JT Hats

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SOG Bowie Knife for Hunting & Skinning With the bulletproof features you need in a good survival knife, the SOG Creed is more than a sharp camp tool. Built of tactical quality materials and well designed for a wide variety of uses, this modified bowie knife also does well as a full-sized hunter and precision skinning knife. Use it for tougher camp chores without fear of wrecking the edge.

A little heavy at 12.8 ounces, the SOG Creed includes a rat tail tang blade with a stock thickness of 0.24 inches. The wide hollow grind makes the Creed's edge thin enough for real cutting, not the crude chiseling action you'd get from a thick-edged bayonet. Since the weight of this AUS 8 high carbon stainless steel bowie shifts forward to the curved belly of the blade, the knife is balanced to chop and hack as well as it slices.

The black titanium nitride coating of SOG's CD02-L Creed eliminates the mirror-bright shine of the civilian CD01-L version, but either model offers the same high resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Heavy stainless steel bolster and pommel bracket the black Kraton handle, with the two white spacers in the grip the only decoration other than the good look of efficiency and quality engineering. The black leather belt sheath is equally well made, with a security strap that hooks the finger guard to hold the Creed in place.

If you hunt small game or fish, a smaller knife makes better sense than the Creed -- and if you're heavily into chopping, the better solution is the hand axe or tomahawk. If you want a survival knife that can handle anything, pick the 12-inch-long SOG Creed and be happy. It might not always be the best answer, but in a pinch, it's still a good answer.

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