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SOG Salute Folding Tactical Knife

Stainless Steel Black Blade FF-11, Pocket Clip

Posted by JT Hats

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SOG Salute Folding Tactical Knife SOG's FF-11 Salute -- which the company refers to as their first Fusion tactical folder -- puts all the technical expertise of that innovative manufacturer to good use. The result is a high-tech knife that isn't tough to understand, with a few unusually good features.

Full-length steel liners and machined slabs of durable and easily gripped G-10 composite make up the handle of this 4.2-ounce knife. With a folded length of about 4-1/2 inches, it fits the pocket neatly -- enough knife to grip comfortably and not too much to carry unobtrusively. The blade itself is a familiar Bowie-style dagger point with a false upper edge on the last third of the 3.62-inch Cr13MoV stainless steel blade. All the shiny parts have been toned down with tactical black non-reflective coating -- essential for some people and never a bad idea for the rest of us.

The blade itself is the first really good idea in the FF-11. This simple design works well as a tactical backup knife, but for owners who need a good camp knife or utility blade instead, it's just as efficient. If a clip point pocketknife is your usual blade, you'll find the FF-11 familiar and handy. Locked back, it's as solid as a light fixed blade.

Two other small things about this knife really stand out. SOG places the stainless steel pocket clip far down at the end of the handle for the most secure carrying system possible with a pocket clip folder. There's no heavy chunk of handle sticking out the top of the pocket to catch brush or attention. The other nice idea is the adjustable thumb stud, which seats in a slot in the blade. Reposition it where you want for more leverage or for faster action.

Minor problems would have to include the several right-angled edges of the grip, which can't be a good thing for extended use. Soldiers design knives like this one. Farmers design comfortable handles.

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