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SOG TAC Mini Automatic Tactical Knife

Stainless Steel Clip Point Sawtooth Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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SOG TAC Mini Automatic Tactical Knife Sadly, this small fully automatic tactical knife is only for law enforcement, military personnel, and a very few other special groups. An automatic knife would always be in my pocket if that were not so -- the difference between an automatic and a fixed blade is something like the difference between a rifle and a bow and arrow. Both do the same thing. One is better.

A giant step ahead of even the one-handed thumb stud folders of today, the automatic's advantages are reserved for those who truly need them. The SOG-TAC Mini Automatic is pocketknife-sized but still has the snap and feel of a professional knife. It's sized appropriately for concealment as a backup or LRK (Last Resort Knife).

With a graceful clip point blade backed with a sawtooth spine, the SOG Mini would also be an excellent emergency blade for the average person's pocket. The grip is secure enough for wet and cold weather, and at 2.5 ounces it could be a top quality ultralight for mountaineers or hikers. The three-inch plain edge AUS-8 blade locks either in closed or in open position with the convenient and dependable safety button. Accidental opening is unlikely.

No sheath is necessary with the Mini Automatic -- the stainless steel pocket clip attaches to either side of the handle for convenient conversion from right to left-handed use.

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