Solingen Puma Pro Hunter Gut Hook Knife | Stag Handle Full Tang Blade w/ Sheath

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Solingen Puma Pro Hunter Guthook KnifeThe 3 3/4″ dropped blade of this compact traditionally built hunting knife from Puma of Solingen, Germany, combines the hollow grind and gut hook of a modern light hunting blade with the beauty of old country craftsmanship. All you’ll need to do is hone the edge of the blade. Dozens of hand operations go into the making of this full tang sheath knife, including careful selection of the stag antler handle slabs. After the aging process, slabs are chosen for match and balance as well as good looks, avoiding the lumpy look of some traditionally made stag handled knives.

Construction of the Puma Pro Hunter is simple and solid. The knife is forged from a solid slab of high carbon stainless steel that extends the full length and width of the handle. The natural antler slabs are solidly riveted to the tang, with a lanyard hole added for more security in use. A finger guard built into the shape of the blade, and the secure gripping quality of the rough antler handle, allow safe piercing under full hand pressure. The razor sharp gut hook makes opening a carcass simple and cuts down on wasteful mistakes.

Some companies make wonderful knives but their sheaths look like boy scout camp projects. Solingen provides a high quality holster style leather belt sheath as good looking as the knife as part of the deal.

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