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SouthOrd Night Patrolman Self Defense Sword

Aluminum Baton Nightstick

Posted by Ken

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SouthOrd Night Patrolman Self DefenseMore than a simple self defense stick, the Night Patrolman houses a strong 12" blackened stainless steel sword blade in its machined aluminum shaft. At 23.5" in baton form, this resembles the common nightstick that patrolmen still often carry as a backup weapon. Effective as a baton when closed, the strong aluminum shaft unscrews for use as a sword cane. Reversed, the threaded hilt screws into the butt of the sheath section, doubling the length and transforming the nightstick into a serviceable short spear. Workmanship and materials are of the high quality you'd expect from a company like Southern Ordnance, specializing in lock picks and practical martial arts gear.

This self defense baton, designed for police and security work, may be of interest to collectors or as a home defense weapon. The heavy weight (ships at just under 4 lbs) makes it doubtful as a sidearm for the trail, although in situations where you have enough time to disassemble and reverse the sheath section it could certainly come in handy out in the bush. In emergencies closer to home, its weight and simplicity of use even when closed are already enough for efficient defense.

The machined flanges serve as guard and pommel in short sword form, and the deep checkering of the handle section allows a secure grip. If you take your morning runs in neighborhoods where pit bulls wander around loose, you could find the Night Patrolman a welcome companion.

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