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Sporting & Kitchen Knife Sharpener, McGowan Electric Firestone

Ceramic Hollow Grind

Posted by JT Hats

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McGowan Sporting & Kitchen KnifeMcGowan's Firestone Electric Sharpener quickly hones kitchen and sporting knives to a short functional hollow ground edge. The Firestone works well on utility grade knives commonly used for kitchen prep, but save your finest blades for the whetstone. The angle this machine sets works efficiently but doesn't match up to modern custom grinds.

Made for sharpening western cutlery, the bevel angle created by this handy sharpener doesn't fit the style of high-end Asian cutlery but works well for most other types, actually improving the common flat bevel factory edge. Using constantly turning sharpening wheels driven by the Firestone's powerful electric motor, the McGowan Firestone Electric Sharpener shapes and polishes both sides of the blade at once. That cuts down on sharpening time as well as mistakes, since operators won't have to adapt to two different angles and two different strokes. Hold it straight, pull it steadily through the wheels several times, and the knife is sharp. The machine works even on abused edges.

This version of the Firestone Electric Sharpener uses two rows of multiple ceramic sharpening wheels to quickly work your dullest knives into razor-sharp condition. Use a light touch while drawing the knife through the guides. The trickiest part will be the curve towards the tip of the blade, where the edge tends to lift above the sharpening wheels. All sharpening machines have little quirks, but many chefs still find them easier to use than stones. With the McGowan, you only need to learn one simple movement.

McGowan guarantees the Firestone Sharpener for three years.

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