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Spyderco Flight G-10 Folding Knife

Stainless Steel High Carbon Clip Point Blade

Posted by Ken

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Spyderco Flight G-10 Folding Knife This featherweight folding clip knife from Spyderco is more than you'd expect from the modern Chinese foundries. The design of this elegant David Boye knife is futuristic and efficient, making use of top of the line modern materials. Seven and 7/8" open and locked, the Flight G-10 comes with the usual choice of edges, plain or serrated, and a high carbon stainless steel 3 7/16" blade that easily opens with a flick of the thumb.

The G-10 laminate of the Flight's handle is extremely durable, offers a good gripping surface whether wet or dry, and is even resistant to chemicals. Steel liners in the handle and riveted construction contribute to the Flight's strong points.

Although it's a good design with top notch materials, this is not the sort of knife many Americans expect. In the words of the company, their knives are designed for cutting only. They will not cover damage incurred by using their knives in what they would consider improper ways, which include tasks many American knife users see as normal.

The design of this blade makes it delicate. That nicely styled point is delicate. That cutout for one handed opening puts the weakest part of the blade right where you get the most stress. If you know all that beforehand and use it wisely, you'll most likely have good luck with the Flight G-10.

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