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Spyderco Ladybug Utility Pocket Knife

Folding Emergency Blade

Posted by Ken

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Spyderco Ladybug Utility Pocket Knife The smallest of Spyderco's folders, the Ladybug packs the same versatility and solid construction as the big boys in the line. With this small package, only 2 7/16" closed and 4 3/8" open and locked, you get a V10 knife quality stainless steel serrated blade a hair under 2" long, and enough fiberglass reinforced nylon handle for a solid two fingered grip. Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but the equivalent from Victorinox gives you half that and it's still useful to have along. The Ladybug is big enough to be practical and not too big to fit on a key ring.

Ladybugs come with two blade options; full serrated or full plain edges. If you open a lot of boxes and don't ever intend to sharpen the blade, or you want a pocket knife for those troublesome times when you're hanging upside down in your car and your seat belt is stuck, the serrated blade's a good choice. It will rip through seat belt webbing nearly as easily as it will cut a shipping carton. Traditionalists will prefer the equally functional but easily sharpened plain edge.

Tiny knives are never bullet proof. If you know their limits, they are still very efficient. Sometimes you don't have reason to prepare your emergency survival kit--you just suddenly need a cutting tool and you don't care how big. The Ladybug fills that need and does a hundred other everyday tasks that aren't emergencies.

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