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Spyderco Native III Stainless Steel Combo Edge Folding Knife, Ergonomic Handle

Posted by Ken

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Spyderco Native III Stainless SteelSpyderco knives are all about performance. While they usually make cool looking knives, the look is ultimately the result of the added functionality Spyderco is putting into every knife. Take a look at this Native III and you'll see what I mean.

The 3 1/8-inch VG-10 stainless steel combo edge (mostly serrated) blade tapers to a spear point. A swedge-grind (false edge) takes away some weight and, at the same time, adds some balance to the knife. A 12mm thumb hole gives the user an easy ambidextrous one-handed open, while a row of non-sharpened serrations adds an extra thumb grip on the spine near the handle.

Speaking of the handle, it's ergonomic, lightweight, and Bi-Directional textured in molded Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. The texture of ups and downs, radiating from the center, gives much needed grip to prevent slipping and sliding when making tough cuts. A series of expansion points on the handle's underside work together to keep the user's hand firmly positioned and lessen the fatigue of extended use. The removable wire clip is ambidextrous, easier on the wear and tear against your pockets compared to metal clips, and provides tip up carry.

So, the look of the Native III is great, but when I found out that look was because of a specific ergonomic design, then I was truly amazed. It's a great knife, perfect for an everyday carry.

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