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Spyderco Resilience Hunting Knife, One Handed

Largest Value Series Folder w/ G-10 Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Spyderco Resilience Hunting Knife, OneSpyderco's Resilience is that company's largest knife in the Spyderco "Value" series. With an open length of 9-3/8 inches and a blade 4-1/4 inches long, the Resilience has the size and heft of a small hunting knife. The Resilience's reasonable price might make you wonder where the company cut costs, but the answers should leave you satisfied with a good deal.

Spyderco's one-handed opening system depends on a simple thumb hole instead of a thumb stud system. The hole would weaken the blade of a smaller knife, but the Resilience has enough blade width to compensate. The Liner Lock designed by Michael Walker locks the blade open without complicating the build. The Walker system needs no extra buttons or levers, so just swing the blade open and it snaps securely in place. Release the blade after use by pressing on the liner lock springbar. The blade's detente provides enough resistance that the blade stays safely closed when in the pocket. Spyderco's 8Cr13MoV high carbon stainless steel holds an edge well but will need an occasional oiling. Like many other modern stainless steels, it's corrosion-resistant, not corrosion-proof.

For smooth opening, Spyderco brackets the blade pivot with phosphor bronze bushings instead of steel bearings. Phosphor bronze holds lubricant in the pores of the metal and provides fast deployment with very little play. Bronze bearings cut costs and don't have quite the lifetime of a stainless steel ball bearing movement, but if kept clean and oiled do perform well. Bronze wears easier than steel, so pay attention to maintenance and keep grit out of the works. If you don't let the bearings get completely dry, the lubricant shields the metal from abrasive dirt.

G-10 handle slabs keep the weight of this knife down to 5.4 ounces, providing an easily gripped textured surface which won't become slick when wet. The G-10 remains stable through a wide range of temperatures and resists most chemical solvents. A solid stainless steel clip secures the Resilience to the seam of your pants pocket.

If you're looking for a knife of the same practical quality but slightly smaller, see the mid-sized knife in Spyderco's value series, the Spyderco Tenacious.

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