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Spyderco Tactical Pocket Knife w/ G-10 Handle

Short Blade ParaMilitary C81GS

Posted by JT Hats

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Spyderco Tactical Pocket Knife w/ G-10Scaled down to only two thirds the size of the popular Spyderco Military knife, the ParaMilitary meets the needs of those who need a more discreet version better suited to pocket carry. This model created for civilian uses keeps the good features of Spyderco's larger tactical folder.

With a blade of S-30V high carbon vanadium stainless steel and tactical quality corrosion-proof G-10 handle slabs, the ParaMilitary cuts very few corners. The large thumb hole at the base of the blade allows secure one-handed opening, even when wearing gloves, and the compression lock eliminates concerns about the knife folding under pressure. Once it's open, use it as you would a fixed blade.

Closed handle construction doesn't add much to the weight -- only 3.75 ounces for this nearly five-inch (folded length) pocket clip knife. The solid G-10 handle grips keep the knife firmly in hand and keep out most of the dirt and debris that could interfere with blade action. Blade length of just over three inches keeps the knife within most social and legal limits. Owners can carry the ParaMilitary without drawing unwanted attention.

Though the blade seems a little short, Spyderco kept enough of the full-sized handle to provide a strong grip, making the ParaMilitary more usable than smaller pen knives with equivalent blade length. Though the ParaMilitary from Spyderco comes in either plain edge or serrated versions, the serrated blade may be the preferred option for an urban survival knife. The toothed edge grips and severs harnesses, belts, and ropes quickly but does coarse work if used for shaping wood.

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