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Steve Tarani CUB Master Folding Knife from 5.11 Tactical

Locking S30V Crucible Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Steve Tarani CUB Master Folding KnifeMaster knife designer Steve Tarani partnered with the experts at 5.11 Tactical to develop the C.U.B. knife series, and the 5.11 Tactical C.U.B. Master Knife is just one of the interesting results. The claw -style cutting edge of the 2-3/4 inch blade -- made from S30V crucible steel -- is only the first innovation.

Made to open one-handed via the oval thumb loop, any problems with actually making that system work can be tweaked by the user. Tension adjusts to match your personal style. The blade locks solidly in open position, and the release action is stiff enough for security. The strong frame of the unique curved handle holds thick, textured G10 handle scales. Finger notches on both bottom and top of the knife -- with one upper notch behind the spine of the blade -- give total control in a variety of grip positions.

To discourage disarming efforts, the base of the handle is a wide finger ring. Like some of the old military combat knives, the Master C.U.B. should stay in the hand even when the user passes out. The handle style repeats lessons learned by other tactical knife makers -- the grip presents the blade as a claw rather than a spike. Using a wrist posture that's strong and natural, the blade is ready for instinctive response to threats.

The Master C.U.B. from 5.11 Tactical mounts to any pocket with the stainless steel pocket clip and can be adapted by owners to hang in any of four positions. Set the clip to present the knife the way it works best for you.

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