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Swiss Army Craftsman Pocket Knife

Victorinox Multitool 20 Piece Emergency Kit, Red

Posted by JT Hats

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Swiss Army Craftsman Pocket Knife With over twenty usable tools in a 3-1/2 inch handle, this knife will seem heavy to most users. Although it's still a manageable size for pocket carry, the red-handled Craftsman from Victorinox Swiss Army Knives contains over six ounces of high carbon stainless steel.

Everything in this good knife works. It's not the best choice for everybody, but it does carry a miniature version of many handy emergency tools. Using them could be frustrating if you depend on them often. In the Craftsman, none of the blades lock in the open position, and that does make the use of screwdriver bits difficult. The small pliers don't offer enough handle leverage to lock onto small hex nuts securely, although a loose fitting might be temporarily wrestled into place again. Some of these tool blades are compromises between having the right tools for the job and having nothing. If you need the knife for an occasional problem, you'll be thrilled to have the help.

In emergencies, the Craftsman offers useful choices of metal file, metal saw, wire stripper, wood saw, and scissors as well as the always important can and bottle opener, tweezers, and toothpick. This Swiss Army knife holds two knife blades in large and small sizes plus a reamer and Phillips-head screwdriver. The only blade new owners may find mysterious would be the hook, which unfolds from the center of the handle's spine. Nearly a relic, this old standby once was used to hook the cord which bound paper-wrapped parcels together. The knife then became a handy carrying handle for shoppers and tradesmen. Unfortunately, the Post Office banned parcel string years ago, and the knife isn't quite strong enough for hauling hay bales.

For a multi-tool you'd be able to use on a more regular basis, try the SOG Power Assist Multi-tool.

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