Swords of Toledo Wallace Braveheart Claymore Sword | Functional Replica Carbon Steel Blade

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Swords of Toledo Wallace BraveheartYou might wonder at first glance whether this sword was anything special, with its leather wrapped hilt and blade base and unsharpened 40″ carbon steel blade. The maker’s mark of Swords of Toledo shows it’s not the usual movie replica, apt to stay shiny on the wall and rattle to pieces in your hands. Although not one of their battle ready pieces, this sturdy two handed recreation of the blade swung by the famous Scottish hero Sir William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson in the Braveheart movie) is still stout enough to take a beating.

Swords of Toledo prides itself in creating swords that are true to form and functional, even those it intends for display. This seven pound weapon is patterned after the simple highlander’s blade that Sir William actually used, leather bound for a good two handed grip on handle or, close up and personal, handle and base of blade. The polished brass pommel and cross guard are cast in an authentic scent-stopper pattern. No, not designed to deflect the smells of battle–scent stoppers were hollow perforated perfume vessels carried by gentlemen of the day to mask the smells of civilization. That part of the sword is decorative but true to the style of old Europe.

Swords of Toledo did not make a scabbard to go with this 52″ claymore, feeling that since the original sword did not have one, it would be improper. If you’re looking for a good Braveheart, that ought to be a clue. The people who make lesser swords don’t pay that much attention.

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