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Tai Chi Competition Straight Sword, High Carbon Spring Steel

Chinese Kung Fu & Wushu Professional

Posted by JT Hats

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Tai Chi Competition Straight Sword,The subdued look of this Tai Chi straight sword from Dragon Well Forge of Lung Chuan, China, gives the weapon an almost antique appearance. Satin polish on the hardwood scabbard and handle blend well with the low luster of the solid brass fittings.

The Dragon Well Forge tai chi sword really raises the bar for tai chi players, whether or not they practice competitive wushu. This is not one of the extra-light styles of Tai Chi toy practice swords; this one has the feel of a real weapon but the fast action of a wushu quality blade. The kit includes a certificate which guarantees the sword meets the International Wushu Federation's uniform competition standards, so whether you intend to train in private or compete in public, you'll know you have the proper gear.

The double-edged straight sword comes in eight different sizes to match the stature of nearly any tai chi player. Sizes range from 35.65 inches overall and weight of 1 lb. 6.4 ounces to 44 inches and 1 lb. 11.3 ounces, and are meant to fit tai chi students from under five feet tall to over six feet tall. Be careful to choose the right blade for your own body type.

The double-edged polished high carbon spring steel blade flexes and sings as a wushu sword should, but the central spine of the blade remains strong enough to take a solid hit. Collectors as well as martial arts enthusiasts should appreciate this fine weapon. Manufactured for wushu players ascribing to modern standards, the sword comes from a foundry with many centuries of experience -- both in manufacturing fine functional blades and in meeting the needs of a changing marketplace. At least for now, Dragon Well sets the standard for international wushu competition swords.

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