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Taylor Cutlery Schrade Old Timer #80 Utility Pocket Knife

Posted by Ken

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Taylor Cutlery Schrade Old Timer #80This Schrade Old Timer from Taylor Cutlery is a full sized pocketknife in the simple and reliable pattern of traditional American pocket folders. Four inches in length closed, the Old Timer holds three carbon steel blades in the most needed patterns of farm and workplace. The main blade, at a full legal length of 3 1/2", is the piercing clip point pattern; a straight edged sheep's foot for accurate shaving work and a curved point spey blade for slicing complete the array.

None of these blades locks back when opened, so the things your father told you never to do with a knife whose blades can fold back on your fingers really ought not to be done. The blades are thinner than some from the competition--the flat grind makes them a little stouter, but also requires a little more work to get the edge into razor condition.

Handle construction is stout and reliable, with brass liners and nickel silver bolsters. The handle slabs have the look of aged bone, with a rough sawcut surface that aids the grip--the material is actually Delrin, a synthetic with more durability than bone and the same aesthetic appeal.

The cautionary things I have to say about Schrade knives all have to do with the temper. The manufacturing process is based on large lots, and there's a bit of variation within those numbers. Some knives will be better than others of the same model. I've had good Schrade knives, and I've had others that quickly found their way to the glove compartment where I wouldn't have to see them again. I should probably have sent those back to the company--they do have a solid guarantee.

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