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The Octopus Samuel L Jackson Katana from The Spirit Movie

Handmade Forged Sword w/ Display Stand & Bag

Posted by JT Hats

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The Octopus Samuel L Jackson KatanaBuilt in the image of the katana wielded by Samuel Jackson as the immortality-seeking villain The Octopus, this movie replica sword looks so good you'll want to try it out. Be sure to put a razor edge on it before testing the traditionally styled samurai sword if you want to know the worth of this high carbon 1060 steel blade.

The hand-forged sword actually might hold up as a light duty katana for cutting practice, but it's meant for display and should be treated with care. The construction is better than you'd expect to see in a movie replica weapon. The tsuba or blade guard is solid cast metal with a simple dragon motif, and the double-pegged handle has the functional appearance of true katanas even though the ito or woven grip is black nylon cord. This full tang sword doesn't have a hi, or blood groove, and the hamon isn't real. That wavy mark was the sign of an edge-tempered sword, tough on the spine and hard on the cutting edge, but here it's only decorative etching. Even though some of the traditional marks of a high-end sword are missing, it still has the feel of a real weapon. Collectors of replica weapons won't need the movie as a reason to acquire this one.

Symbols etched on the blade represent ideals from the bushido traditions, but beyond that, there's very little ornamentation on this katana. It's refined and dark, like Samuel Jackson's character The Octopus.

If you notice production similarities between The Spirit and the hit movie 300, you're right. Frank Miller produced both. For another more fanciful but still nearly functional move replica sword in the Frank Miller tradition, see the King Leonidas Sword from 300.

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