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The Ultimate Edge Ultra Fine Diamond Knife Honing & Polishing Steel

Oval 10 Inch 10NUF

Posted by JT Hats

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The Ultimate Edge Ultra Fine DiamondThe Ultimate Edge Model 10NUF Oval Ultra Fine honing steel finishes edges of blades with a high polish. If you already keep your knives in good shape, this will bring the edge a degree higher in quality. Don't expect to restore a drawer full of dull knives with the Ultra Fine Diamond Finishing Steel.

Ordinary honing steels reset edges of softer steel that turns when dulled. If an edge isn't badly dulled, running the edge against a hard honing steel turns the edge back, restoring sharpness. Very little steel is actually removed, and the basic shape of the edge isn't changed. With a diamond hone, that action combines with the polishing action of fine abrasives. The stroke of a diamond hone exposes new steel.

This grade of abrasive ordinarily puts the final polish on a new edge, removing microscopic scratches that increase drag. To some degree, the Ultra Fine Diamond hone does that same work but with less efficiency than a flat stone. Turning the hone while in use, to expose new areas of abrasives, improves the action. Using the hone is much more convenient than using a flat stone, and most people have no problem with this technique. It's easily learned and fast.

The Ultimate Edge Model 10NUF works best when new, since the first layer of diamond crystals in the abrasive is the roughest. As that wears down, the abrasive cuts less than it polishes. Especially with this fine grade of abrasive, the hone should be backed up by coarser grades. Use the Ultimate Edge Model 10NUF for the finishing touch.

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