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Thiers Issard Straight Razor

Stainless Steel Collectible Cutlery

Posted by Ken

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Thiers Issard Straight Razor The name Thiers-Issard embodies a sense of class and refined living when it comes to traditional shaving. Historically speaking, the company has been making quality products ever since the late 1800s, and still holds on to many of its manufacturing techniques. Many of these razors are mass-produced. But some still exist in their original condition, making them highly valuable collector's items.

The company was founded by Frenchman Pierre Thiers who hand-forged many of the original products available in Thiers-Issard's Exclusive Historic Razors collection. Additionally, some of the mass-produced blades you'll find feature such elite names as "The Art of Shaving" and "Le Dandy," just to give you an idea of the type of audience Thiers-Issard caters to. In fact, many of these nomenclatures are imprinted in 24K gold.

Blades from Thiers-Issard are traditionally crafted from Sheffield silver steel, widely known as a superior grade of high carbon steel. They are submitted to a heavy forging and lead hardening process. Afterwards, the blades are hollow ground until they reach the specifications for a "singing razor." When plucked, the razor produces a specific musical tone. If the tone is not present, the razor is usually discarded.

The handles are commonly made from exotic, hardened materials, such as tortoise bone or polished olive wood for example. The wooden handles are treated with resin and pressurized for extra water resistance.

As we'e said before, you don't have to own a barbershop in order to fully enjoy a classic shave, especially with a straight razor set at this caliber. Thiers-Issard caters to true gentlemen everywhere.

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