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Tiger Claw Broadsword

Wushu Training Spring Steel Sword in 26, 28, 30 or 32 Inch

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Tiger Claw Broadsword In the progression from wooden training sword to the real combat weapon, this sword ranks low -- just above wood in quality. For beginners, it's still a reasonable choice, built for learning movements rather than strikes. The heavy handguard and pommel as well as the blade itself are chrome-plated steel. The weight of the traditionally heavy slashing blade has been cut back, placing less stress on hands and wrists new to the trade.

Though flexible, if bent too far or too often to test the ability to return to its straight form, plating could be weakened and broken loose. Wushu weapons are often expected to flex as far as 180 degrees without damage. Wushu broadswords made of heavier steel usually have a maximum bend of 90 degrees, and often less. Striking targets certainly could damage this lightweight training blade, and trying to put an edge on it isn't recommended. Chrome plating doesn't go very deep.

For learning forms and demonstrating early skills, this is an appropriate quality of weapon. Advanced students build upon the skills acquired with less dangerous swords such as this one.

Available in lengths from 26 to 32 inches, the broadsword should be carefully matched to the person who wields it. While some match different lengths to a person's height, old methods used measurements from palm to shoulder, throat, or brow. Shorter blades are easier to handle, but the true length of a correctly matched blade is dependent on style and teacher. Essential aspects of movements could be missed or misinterpreted with a mismatched blade.

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