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Tiger Claw Martial Arts Weapons

Wushu Twin Broadswords | Chrome Steel 30 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Tiger Claw Martial Arts Weapons The design and appearance of this Twin Wushu Broadsword set from Tiger Claw is a good match for the heavier combat broadsword set which inspired it. Much lighter than the combat swords, these chromed steel broadswords are equal in length but not in weight or quality of steel.

Designed for forms practice and wushu competition, the forward part of the 30 inch blades uses a slimmer version of the traditional slashing broadsword pattern. The heavy build of the handles helps give the wushu broadswords more balance than in the original weapons, making them easier to wield and faster moving than the heavy fighting blades. Wushu swords are meant to bend and snap back to their original line -- these should bend as far as a 180 degree arc and recover. A 90 degree bend is all that Wushu swords need. Pushing this test to extremes could cause damage.

Certainly not harmless, these twin broadswords were not intended for either fighting or striking targets. Using them for cutting practice will damage the light steel blades. Even though these 40-inch-long weapons look very much like the real thing, they are no match for combat steel.

For learning the movements of the very complex twin broadsword forms and for demonstration of that skill, this is a good set. The light broadswords won't put too much stress on wrists unused to the unbalanced weight of the combat broadsword. The swords still require the same basic strengths and skills as with the real weapons.

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