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Timberline Combat Pen by Greg Lightfoot

Tactical Aluminum Gray 700 LCP

Posted by JT Hats

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Timberline Combat Pen by Greg Lightfoot Only a few years ago, the idea of a lightweight combat pen would have seemed silly to most people. With today's restrictions on the use of simple items like nail polish and fingernail clippers, as well as items actually intended for self defense (like many knives), the combat pen now generates quite a bit of interest.

You don't need to be employed as a secret agent to appreciate the potential of this rugged version by Greg Lightfoot, a well-known custom knife designer. Manufactured by Timberline, the 700 Lightfoot LCP Combat Pen competes for top-of-the-line in self defense pens. Six inches long and a half inch in diameter, the 700 is a fairly heavy pen in normal terms, weighing 2.2 ounces including the cap and stainless steel pocket clip. Most of that weight is fluted aircraft-quality aluminum, built to poke holes in tender places. The self defense concept is simple and effective.

As a writing instrument, it's probably more pen than you'd use comfortably, but it does write and accepts a standard ball point cartridge. The writing point isn't meant to be the striking end of the pen, but either end works in a pinch. The rugged Lightfoot LCP Combat Pen shouldn't wear out or break no matter how it's used, but losing it is a real possibility. Heavy enough to sag forward in the pocket of a shirt, it may be too much tool for casual wear. Even with the hard anodized charcoal gray finish, this aluminum self defense stick could be more obvious than the manufacturer claims. Wearing it in the pants pocket like a pocket clip folding knife might work out better. Where knives no longer go, it's a handy pen to have around.

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