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Trademark Global Bowie Hunting Knife, Jungle Master

Hollow Ground Sawtooth 15 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Trademark Global Bowie Hunting Knife,Although it's a massive hunting and survival knife, the Jungle Master from Trademark Global does have some weak points. In spite of that, it could be a real bargain if you don't require tactical quality.

This imported knife's Bowie-style blade offers 10-1/2 inches of plain hollow ground cutting edge plus a long section of sawtooth spine. Even though it's made of ordinary 440 high carbon stainless steel, with some work, the knife will take a razor sharp edge and hold up to most camp and hunting chores. The wide hand guard is a shaped plate of strong stainless steel, and the butt of the rat tail tang handle ends in a spike pommel. Hand traction is good enough with a shaped, rubberized grip.

Stamped as made in China, the knife suffers from the usual bad reputation for quality control. Blade temper will vary, with some owners lucky enough to get good knives and some losing the gamble. The real problem here is the loose construction -- some Jungle Masters need immediate work, and simply tightening the pommel nut at the base of the tang won't be a permanent solution. Thread-lock will help.

The light nylon belt sheath can't be considered a rugged piece of gear with tough nylon cloth laid over a vulnerable fiberboard liner. Unless you're traveling in dry climates, you'll quickly need something better. Although the Jungle Master certainly can't compete with the big boys, 440 steel is still good steel by yesterday's standards. If you're willing to tweak some improvements on your own, the Jungle Master Bowie might be a handy backup knife for the toolbox or the pickup truck.

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