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Two Cherries Drawknife Carving Straight Blade

Woodworking Sculpting Knife, 9 Inch 225 mm 500-1320

Posted by JT Hats

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Two Cherries Drawknife Carving StraightWith the proper hold-down tools, the Two Cherries 9-inch Drawknife helps the craftsman rough out chair legs, rungs, tool handles, and more. You're sure to appreciate the ample handles of natural wood and the quality of the German steel.

This nine-inch drawknife is handy for debarking small logs, but with the shorter blade comes less hand clearance and more skin left on the work. For smaller applications such as shaving down a tool handle, a shorter cutting edge can be easier to handle than a timber-sized drawknife. The knife works well either with bevel up or bevel down, but the two positions have very different cutting actions. Bevel up, the knife cuts deeply and shears a straight layer of wood or bark if you have steady hands. Bevel down, the drawknife can make shorter chipping cuts, levering out of the cut on the bevel's back edge.

The wood handles are permanently fixed to the steel tangs and if not abused should last for the lifetime of the knife. A drawknife's thick blade holds up to heavy work, but may be very difficult for beginners to maintain. If you're lucky, you may get a knife with a perfectly ground edge, but often considerable work is needed to put a drawknife into razor-sharp condition.

This old tool requires special skills, a good sharpening system, and a reliable hold-down device such as the shaving horse if you intend to get much work from it. Drawknives such as the Two Cherries model are mainstay tools of the nearly extinct cooper's trade -- you'll probably need to build accessory devices yourself, since many are no longer in production.

For a lighter style of drawknife with less cutting edge to control and maintain, see the Woodcarving Drawknife by Flexcut.

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