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UK Blue Tang Titanium Dive Knife

Underwater Kinetics | Blunt or Drop Point

Posted by Ken

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UK Blue Tang Titanium Dive Knife This is a pretty slick diving knife from Underwater Kinetics (or "UK" as they're known to those in the know).

Diver's knives should be rugged, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and versatile. This knife is all four.

Titanium is generally recognized as one of the best materials for a diving knife since it is so strong and light. It's corrosion-resistant as well. The one downside is that it can be a bit expensive.

The Blue Tang is available in titanium, but is also available in UK's proprietary alloy called "Hydralloy". It's got all the properties of titanium, but is less expensive. We'll link to both the Titanium version and the Hydralloy verion below.

The knife is available with a drop point, for spearing, or a blunt point for prying.

Otherwise, the knife features an oversized, rubberized grip with yellow accents so you can spot it easily, a five inch combination serrated, plain, and hooked edge for versatility, and a quick-release one-handed sheath-removal mechanism.

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