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United Cutlery Black Ronin Tomahawk

Full Tang Stainless Steel Throwing Ax

Posted by Ken

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United Cutlery Black Ronin Tomahawk United Cutlery's Black Ronin Tomahawk has enough points and sharp edges that no matter how bad you may be at throwing, you have a decent chance of getting this ax to stick in a target. The traditional tomahawk has one rather narrow cutting blade; this has two, one a wide ax style blade and the opposite a slim knife style spike. Add the short spike on the head and the v-shaped butt and this isn't an ax you'd try to snatch out of the air like in the movies. It's a little bit like an American version of the throwing star--the more points, the more likely one will hit.

Its one piece construction of tempered and blackened high carbon stainless steel is designed for throwing; the handle with its wrapped nylon cord is not the type of grip you'd find comfortable for chores around camp. If you try it for chopping camp wood you'll quickly miss the shock absorbance of a traditional hickory handle. The plus side of all-steel is that there's not much to break if you bounce it off a tree stump.

Throwing axes are great camp site entertainment, so long as you use caution and keep back from the target and the inevitable ricochets. Although I enjoy playing around with such things, I'd never do that with my custom forged camp ax. A throwing ax needs to be strong, balanced, and a lot more reasonable in price. The Black Ronin neatly answers that need.

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