United Cutlery Triple Throwing Shuriken Set | Martial Arts Practice Knives

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United Cutlery Triple Throwing ShurikenThis set of three stainless steel throwing knives from United Cutlery is sure to relieve the boredom that sets in after your third day at camp. Rather than wrecking your good hunting knife by trying to stick it in a tree from twenty feet away, it’s wise to have a few shuriken along that you can ding up without worry.

These knives are one piece steel, purely intended for throwing and totally awkward for anything else. The nylon shoulder sheath with individual pockets for each blade is practical but will probably be used more often for storage than as field equipment. Shuriken are seldom used today except in the movies; traditionally they were used to weaken an opponent before anyone got close enough for real combat.

Today, throwing knives are a sport. This set is light (even lighter and more trail friendly without the shoulder sheath) and would make excellent back country entertainment. It’s a lot more challenging than darts, so prepare for long periods of embarrassment and frustration. There are some good books around if you want to learn without trying to recreate the secrets of the ancients from scratch.

An important tip for the beginner: don’t stand too close to the target. Throwing knives can ricochet like shrapnel.

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