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USB Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Flash Memory Stick | Victorinox SwissMemory 2 GB

Posted by Ken

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USB Swiss Army Pocket Knife Times they sure are a-changin'. Used to be we'd send the kids out into the woods with nothing but a whittling stick. Now they can't leave home without a two-gigabyte flash memory card.

It's true though, the USB memory stick is the Swiss Army Knife for the tech generation. And so of course they now make Swiss Army Knives with flash memory.

This otherwise-traditional pocket knife from Victorinox has a nail file, a screwdriver, a scissors, pen, key ring, an LED mini-light and a knife blade.

It's clearly intended for the utilitarian urbanite. But, if you should find yourself in the woods and come across a branch that's just perfect for whittlin', you can always store a PDF copy of your whittling manual on this knife.

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