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Valiant Armory Norman Sword

European Replica Weaponry | Forged High Carbon Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Valiant Armory Norman Sword Dating to the 11th century in Europe, the simple fullered sword Valiant Armoury recreates as the Norman Sword was one of the first European battle swords to feature a cross-guard. Complex hilts built to both deflect an opponent's blade and protect the hand would come later. In the Norman design, a nearly straight cross bar of steel separated the grip from the cutting edge. Valiant's Norman Sword places a macassar ebony handgrip between the cross-guard and the solid steel pommel.

The full length of over 36 inches includes 30 inches of high carbon hand-forged steel cutting edge. This old design was made for slashing rather than piercing, and the result is lighter than the heavy diamond cross-section longswords that evolved to counter plate armour. The Norman Sword's 3-pound, 4-ounce weight made it a fast one-handed weapon and a favorite choice of horsemen.

Based on genuine museum pieces and manufactured with a combination of hand processes and modern materials, the swords of Valiant Armoury were intended to be battle ready as well as to be striking armaments for display. Designers Christian Fletcher and Angus Trim spent many years learning old methods by trial and error as well as by research. Production swords of the Valiant Standard line are not rated combat ready, but the build is solid and stronger than would be expected in a display weapon. Without the flash and decoration of a noble's blade, the Norman Sword still shows its own type of class -- the clean lines of a sword made for real work.

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