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Victorinox Gourmet Cutlery Set of 14 w/ Fibrox Handles

Forschner Plain Edge Knife & Travel Storage Gift Case

Posted by JT Hats

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Victorinox Gourmet Cutlery Set of 14 w/This very sensible 14-piece Cutlery Set selects some of the most useful knives from Forschner/Victorinox's Gourmet series (with Fibrox handles) and fits each to a customized pocket in one hard-sided black attache case. If you're a chef on the go or a culinary student bound for school, you'll be well-equipped with this selection.

Professionals and homemakers alike often prefer the better grip of Victorinox Fibrox to the company's more expensive rosewood handles. These full tang knives feature textured black synthetic grips molded permanently to the stainless steel tangs for gap-free and sanitary construction that lasts. Though the stamped steel blades have no bolsters, there's safety in the shape of the molded grips and plenty of strength in the lighter, high carbon stamped stainless steel. Taper ground over the entire length of the blade, these tough knives hold an edge well and are tempered to be tough and resilient as well as easily sharpened by hand.

The cutlery set includes a full range of prep knives plus a carving fork, melon baller, peelers, and even a lemon zester. Only one knife -- the bread knife -- has a serrated edge, and the rest are easily maintained with the sharpening steel that's also a part of the collection. All knives and implements in the case were manufactured by Victorinox in Switzerland.

The cutlery set's attache set is custom fitted to these tools, and only to these tools. If you use other knives, don't expect to easily switch items out -- pockets are formed to fit individual Victorinox knives and implements. The case is secure and durable but doesn't have room for other items. Plan on taking a second piece of luggage if you need anything more than this assortment.

For a wider range of good Victorinox knives and tools, check out the Victorinox 24-Piece Set with Attache Case.

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