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Victorinox Gourmet Knife Set of 24, Gift Storage Case

Forschner Catering & Pastry Full Tang Cutlery w/ Rosewood Handles

Posted by JT Hats

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Victorinox Gourmet Knife Set of 24,Assembled with the professional chef in mind, the Victorinox 24-Piece Gourmet Cutlery Set comes in a sleek black attache case with form-fitting internal pockets for each tool and knife in the set. Knives in the selection were chosen from the rosewood-handled Gourmet Victorinox series with stamped no-stain steel blades manufactured in Switzerland.

This complete range of chef's tools includes ten knives which cover every kitchen task from prepping vegetables to dividing large cuts of meat. The Forschner/Victorinox stamped stainless steel blades save weight compared to the company's forged patterns and match those heavier knives in terms of efficiency. Rosewood handles add beauty and the feel of natural wood, while tolerating moisture and high temperatures nearly as well as synthetics. These stable, riveted full tang handles should remain gap-free and sanitary if properly cared for -- hand washing is advised. The X50CRMO high carbon steel blades are hardened to Rockwell 55-56, tough enough to stand up to abuse and still easily sharpened.

In addition to this good foundation of knives, the Cutlery Set includes a spatula, several types of peelers, a melon baller and several other important kitchen gadgets designed for specialty work. Ten different types of icing funnels and cake decorators equip the traveling chef for pastry work. Even unusual implements like larding and tying needles are included. In this one case you'll find a better kit of tools than in many home kitchens.

The case itself is hard-sided and durable with dual locks you can count on to hold up even when the going gets tough. The only drawback to the collection is that there's really no room to expand -- any favorite items not found here will need their own storage.

For an equally good range of knives without the extras, consider the Forschner/Victorinox 14 Piece Set with Attache Case.

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