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Victorinox Hercules Stainless Steel Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Hercules Stainless SteelVictorinox makes the classic Swiss Army Knife in a multitude of forms--on their website you can even design your own, choosing the features you want from a list of tools and blades. Nearly any combination is now a named product. The Hercules (4 3/8" closed length) is a pocket tool set more mechanically oriented than some, with the main extra feature being a long philips screwdriver bit.

Everything in the Hercules is built a little heavier than usual, as the name implies.  From scissors to pliers to the long lockback knife blade, you get a heftier version of their usual array of tools. With all these strong blades, the Hercules is probably too heavy for pocket carry. Consider getting a Victorinox belt pouch as well as the knife.

Seventeen tools are included in this pocket toolkit. Some are contained in multifunction blades or stowed away in compartments you might not even notice at first glance. The kit is efficiently designed and compact, built from high quality stainless steel. Here and there you get little perks that you don't expect, like the spring loaded scissors that automatically open, and the durable plastic toothpick that doesn't seem like a good idea in the catalog but becomes very useful in real life.

Some options you may think you'll never need, but then the situation arises and you remember, oh yeah, I have a tool for that right here. The Hercules is a practical emergency toolkit for the pocket or the belt.

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