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Victorinox Picknicker Swiss Army Knife

Stainless Steel Locking Blade Multitool

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Picknicker Swiss Army KnifeA sunny day. A large, comfy blanket. Some eating utensils, paper plates, napkins, and a wicker basket filled with sandwiches, fruit, cheeses, wine, and something for dessert. This, and your Victorinox Picnicker, is all you will need to pull off a wonderful afternoon outing.

The Picnicker has everything that you would expect to need for a nicely prepared picnic. The large blade is lightly serrated for slicing through the variety of food items you brought along, and locks for safety while in use. To close, simply push the button on the classic red, ergonomic handle. The reamer will do nicely to remove the wrap from your wine bottle, and the corkscrew will get it open. If, by chance, you decided to bring a few beers instead, the cap lifter will help get them open, which also acts as a large screwdriver and wire stripper. The can opener function will undoubtedly come in handy, and also acts a small screwdriver. The tweezers you will probably find use for eventually, and the toothpick will be the cherry on top, as you lay back against the truck of a shady tree, let your eyes close, and relax.

The locking design of this Picnicker is what really sold me. Most Swiss Army knives are slip joint, which means a spring holds the blade open, yet can be closed at any time with enough pressure. It's just safer to have a locking blade to prevent accidental closings on you finger. And I think the implements selected for the Picnicker are absolutely perfect for its intended use.

The Victorinox Picnicker has a closed length of 4 3/8-inches.

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