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Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife

Stainless Steel Tools | Pocketknife Review

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife As far as Swiss Army knives go, this Victorinox model embodies the word "classy." It's the Victorinox Cigar Knife, and is a great choice for any cigar aficionado that wouldn't mind carrying a few extra tools along with a cigar knife in one sleek little package.

Obviously the main feature and highlight of this tool is the cigar cutter. It comes with three different punch holes. When you want to use the tool, just choose the size you want, press the cigar into the hole, and swivel the tool around to get a nice, round incision.

The other tools included in this pocketknife are a plain edge blade, a pointed nail file, and a pair of scissors. All the tools are made from genuine stainless steel.

The case that protects all these tools, however, isn't stainless steel. Looks can be deceiving -- it's actually a very lightweight shell made from ALOX, or aluminum oxide. This is a step up from ordinary aluminum, since the addition of oxide means that the aluminum has added protection against elemental wear and tear.

Victorinox's Cigar Knife only measures 3 inches and has a very thin, sleek design. You don't have to worry about it bulking up your pockets. It's quite handy. And yes, quite "classy" too.

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