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Victorinox Swiss Army CyberTool 29

Computer Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Kit

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Swiss Army CyberTool 29 Turns out computers are a big deal these days. Who would have figured? Well, in this technological day and age, pocket knives are changing to fit the needs of the new consumer. Surviving in the wild is not so important anymore, but surviving if your computer crashes is another story. So, Victorinox now has its line of CyberTools for those who need to be prepared to solve any computer crisis.

The CyberTool 29 is a really great thing to keep in a laptop case or the top drawer of your office desk. At 3.5" long and about an inch wide, it's much smaller than your average computer service tool kit, but contains 29 tools, which is likely to be many more than your average computer service tool kit. And they're all attached together so losing tools one by one is not going to be a problem. 29 not enough tools for you? Well, check out the CyberTool 34 or the CyberTool 41, or the CyberTool Lite with an LED for those darkened corners of hardware. And, the CyberTool is less expensive than most computer service tool kits.

It would take a page to detail all the handy computer-related tools included in the CyberTool, so check out the links below to see if it holds all your needs.

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