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Victorinox Swiss Army Stainless Steel Tinker Pocket Knife

Bonus Victorinox Classic

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Swiss Army Stainless SteelThe Victorinox Tinker is appropriately named. Imagine tinkering around with a broken flashlight or an old portable radio - imagine the tools you would most likely need - and you could complete the job with everything found on this Swiss Army pocket knife.

There are half a dozen implements with a dozen designated uses: large blade, small blade, Phillips/flathead screwdrivers, can opener, wire stripper, reamer, leather punch, tweezers and a toothpick. As always, the implements are stainless steel, made with the Swiss high-quality guarantee. The handle is classic red, emblazoned with the shield of the Swiss Army.

The Tinker is a compact multi-tool. It's got that "back to basics" attitude that I love about Victorinox pocket knives. Their variety of knives means a variety of combinations, so one can select the exact Victorinox that fits them best. If, by chance, the Tinker isn't the one for you, there is always the Super Tinker, available with additional scissors and hook.

But, if you purchase the Tinker through the Amazon link below, they'll throw in an extra Victorinox Swiss Army Classic. This is a small knife, great for a key chain, which has a few things missing from the Tinker: a pair of scissors and a nail file, most importantly, but also a small blade, toothpick, and tweezers.

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