Viking Sword | Cold Steel Replica Sword Review

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Viking Sword Cold Steel’s Viking sword is pretty straightforward and features a few decorative touches. Mostly, though, it represents ancient Nordic history well.

Overall, the sword measures close to 37 inches, while the blade alone stretches out to 30.25 inches. This double-edged blade features a lengthy blood groove seen in Viking swords from later periods. It’s made out of high carbon steel, forged by hand, and polished for a nice shine.

But the handle is even more traditional that that. It’s a solid wooden handle wrapped in genuine leather. The guard and pommel are traditionally shaped and are carved with ancient Celtic knotwork, uniting the ancient Druidic and Nordic themes on this sword.

This is a complete set, too. The sword comes with a wooden scabbard reinforced in steel and covered in leather for extra protection.

If you like Viking swords, you’ll be able to stomach the somewhat-high price. It even comes with a five-year warranty, so that should make it even more attractive.

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