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Wenger Swiss Army Pocket Knife Multi-Tool, Nail Clippers

Posted by Ken

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Wenger Swiss Army Pocket KnifeFor over a century, Wenger was fierce competition for the better known Swiss Army brand, Victorinox. In 2005, when Victorinox took control of the Wenger name, both brands continued to provide Swiss Army products - Victorinox as the "Original Swiss Army Knife" and Wenger as the "Genuine Swiss Army Knife."

What's the difference between the two? Both make quality knives (and watches) with precision Swiss craftsmanship backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty, but Wenger has, in recent years, taken the simplicity of the Swiss Army knife and begun to tweak with the design. I think the major improvements they've been working with involve a new, sleek yet ergonomic handle, improving both comfort and grip. This fresh handle is a major design element in the Nail Clip 580.

The Wenger Nail Clip 580 is first and foremost a set of nail clippers that slide in and out of the handle. These are sharp and very functional for either fingers or toes. Also included in the stainless steel implements are a small pen blade, nail file/cleaner, and serrated-edge scissors. The serrated scissors have a self-sharpening design, so each snip will keep the edges maintained. Tweezers and toothpick are tucked into small slots on the handle.

I guess, now that Wenger is owned by Victorinox, there is no real difference between the two brands. They both make very similar looking and working pocket knives. This may add a funk to your Swiss Army knife decision making process, but, when it comes to nail clippers, consider that Victorinox doesn't have a set on the market, so this Wenger Nail Clip is probably the best you can find.

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